About Me

I am a holistic therapist based in Belfast, using a range of techniques that deal with, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual difficulties. The techniques I use heal the body’s energy system, and are referred to as either Meridian Energy Therapies, Tapping or Energy Psychology Techniques.


If you ask yourself do you feel any of the emotional states below, or experience any of the symptoms or thoughts then an appointment to solve these issues is exactly what you require:

Does life feel like too much? Are you not as happy as you want to be?

Do you feel:

  • sadness, anger, worry or fear that make it impossible for you to feel relaxed and happy?
  • bothered by memories of situations that make you unhappy?
  • frustrated because you can’t seem to get out of the same bad patterns that keep repeating in your close relationships?
  • You can’t see a way to have more abundance in your life?
  • there are people you can’t forgive, including yourself?
  • afraid to speak up for yourself?
  • hopeless about getting healthier due to a chronic health condition?
  • lonely and afraid you’ll never meet anyone you can be in a close relationship with?
  • you’ve inherited negative ways of feeling and thinking from your parents that you can’t get out of?
  • parts of you are always sabotaging yourself?


Do you think:

  • “I wish there was a way to really feel happier!”
  • “I’d love it if I could quit thinking about those past events that my mind keeps going over and over.”
  • “I really can’t forgive others or myself.”
  • “It’s impossible for me to have the kind of relationships I want.”
  • “I’ll never be able to truly share who I am.”
  • “Life just isn’t happy for me and I’m afraid it never will be.”


The effects of having a consultation can be that you experience:

  • more abundance
  • have happier relationships
  • enjoy and be more yourself in all your relationships
  • clear up emotional stress that underlies physical illness
  • stop negative memories from playing over and over in your mind
  • no longer sabotage yourself
  • forgive yourself and others
  • clear up inherited emotional and mental negativity
  • heal parts of yourself that are holding you back from enjoying life
  • enjoy being and sharing more of yourself be happier no matter what is going on


Even simple things like being told you are no good at maths can have a lasting effect on your confidence and even your ability to master mathematics. These emotional injuries if not balanced can build up resulting in physical symptoms, such as fears, phobias, physical pain and diseases.

I have been using these techniques since 2003, and have witnessed people change their lives in just a few consultations. These holistic therapies and techniques allow us to become the true beauty that is in our hearts and soul.

The processes I use range from those which work with whatever the conscious mind is aware of, to those which access an inner awareness of the body, and deep root cause events. For trauma it does not require years of psychological therapy or that memories be somehow repeatedly re-experienced and then removed from the subconscious. This holistic approach is gentle with no known side effects.

I am an energy psychology therapist, and I work with the bodies own innate healing system clearing away emotional debris, which affects how you live in the world.

Our true nature is to enjoy everything life has to offer in grace and harmony. If this is not the case then you should contact Heather Johnston for an appointment.

I have been using a range of energy psychology, tapping and meridian therapy techniques since 2003, and bring all this experience to each appointment.

I am also a trainer in many of the therapies I practice and am Northern Irelands most experienced energy psychology and meridian therapies, therapist. My wealth of experience adds to any workshops or training I give, bringing a depth of knowledge not only about the therapy you are learning whether it be, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EmoTrance, Reiki, Tapas Acupressure Technique, Energy Cone Technique, etc or workshops in The Law of Attraction, Past Life, etc. but the whole concept of energetic healing.

I believe that holistic practices do prevent many of the illnesses we experience today, and we should seek to live life in joy.

I am now practicing from 330 Beersbridge Road, Belfast BT5 5DY

You can contact me on 028 9079 2365.

I also undertake appointments on Skype heather.johnston1921, or via google on makelifelighter@gmail.com