Maintaining Your Ideal Weight

Every other Wednesday – at Crysalis Wellbeing Centre, 375 Woodstock Road, Belfast BT6 8PU

Time 7.30pm to 9.30pm

In these workshops, we will be using a range of techniques to help you in maintaining your ideal weight. These techniques will assist you in overcoming the emotional reasons you overeat, or why you eat the wrong foods.

We will help you break the cycle of weight loss and gain, by letting go of emotional baggage

Learn techniques to Curb cravings, stay focused on your goals, and install new habits

Not only will you feel better and look better, you will be more self-confident, and have a clearer mind

You will learn techniques that last a lifetime enabling you to achieve more in your life.

These techniques can be used for addictions, food, smoking, alcohol and more  – only £10 per workshop

To book a place Contact me by email, Phone 07801 884577 Or click on the paypal button below