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training and workshop schedule

3 in 1

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Master Practitioner Training

Course Date – EFT Master Practitioner Training – Level 1 Saturday 7th June 2014 at The Ramada Encore, Belfast Talbot Street BT1 2LD

Course date EFT Master Practitioner Training Levels 2 and 3 on 14th and 15th June 2014

Next Course Dates for EFT Master Practitioner Training 13th, 27th and 28th September 2014

Tapas Acupressure Technique Basics will be held on 11th and 12th October 2014

From 2012 EFT has evolved, and changed to this Heart and Soul protocol, which is on a level that outstretches the classic EFT, developed by Gary Craig. It is a freer and for me a more natural way to assist clients to improve their health, wellbeing and attitude.

EFT is a system which assists your body’s natural flows of energy to return to normal, thus creating a happier, healthier and more joyful you.


By attending a level 1 workshop, it enables you to use EFT as a self-help tool to maintain optimum health.


When you progress to level 2, either to learn more about this technique, or to become a licensed practitioner, you will have an understanding of the basic principles of EFT, and have read at least one book on EFT preferably Energy EFT by Dr Silvia Hartman, and experienced EFT with a qualified practitioner.


Course Content

During the 3 day practical EFT Training, you will gain mastery of this amazing Heart and Soul tapping technique. There will be plenty of time to practice, to ask questions and mostly to have fun.

I will assist you in building your confidence to use this technique for yourself and for others, so that you become a highly qualified, competent and inspired practitioner.


The EFT Master practitioner training is divided into 12 modules:


Level 1: Discovering EFT

Discovering EFT

How EFT works

What kinds of problems can be addressed with EFT

Using the Sue scale

The healing event

Reversing Body Energy Stress

Treating energy blockages with EFT

Building a stress free path into the problem

How to De-stress the client

The importance of breathing, movement and feed back

The EFT Story

Detecting set up statements

Understanding Tuning in

The EFT Story protocol

Words and energy body stress

The professional EFT Practitioner

Working with EFT Professionally

Record keeping

Tapping EFT Professionally

Hand-outs & home study materials


Level 2: Intermediate EFT

Extremely Focused Treatments

Working with Specific memories etc.

Fixing an Energy Body memory in Time and Space

Understanding Energy body memories

The EFT Body Protocol

Working with Aspects

Explaining the Aspect model to the client

EFT proxy tapping

Unravelling time and aspects

Energy and Emotions

Learning that Emotions are Feelings

Reasons for not healing

Working with Energy aware Clients

Working with, phantom & physical pain

Energy System Events

Unfinished events and event echoes

Forensic EFT

Working with guiding stars

Raising energy & positive affirmations

Level 3: Advanced EFT

Mind Changes

Understanding belief formation

Treating beliefs

Beliefs in Performance Enhancement & Success Coaching

Installing new beliefs

Energetic Relationships

Improving relationships

Energy flow through energetic relationships

Evolving a relationship

Family and group relationships

Autogenic realities

Introducing the Energy mind

Understanding Autogenic worlds and habitats

Working with metaphor

If your problem was a place

Master Practitioner

Putting The “Master” into Master Practitioner

Creating space and working with the client

Developing intuition

Why take this course with Heather

Heather has been using EFT and other energy therapies to relieve emotional blocks, and bring about happier, healthier and more joyful clients since 2003. Heather brings a wealth of experience from working with clients, as well as having trained with some of the leading developers in this field. With her depth of knowledge Heather enriches the whole training experience.


 What do past trainees say

“Well presented and explained”

“Heather was very easy going and fun”

“It has exceeded my expectations. I feel empowered and excited by what I have learned”

“The whole programme was very appealing”

”It will allow me another way to relax and also to help me deal with my clients in an alternative way”

“It helped me to understand I can do the things that I thought I couldn’t”


Course Requirements

Required reading: Energy EFT: Energize your Life by Dr S Hartman

You should at least have, had a consultation with a certified EFT practitioner


Course certification

You will receive an attendance certificate for each level. Once you have successfully completed ALL the MODULES up to level 3 you are also eligible under the auspices of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies to become a certified EFT Master Practitioner. This is recommended if you wish to use EFT in a professional capacity, as it applies a code of ethics which enables you to obtain insurance for EFT. Included in the price is one years membership of The AMT

Investment: £370.00

Early Bird: £296.00 if paid in full up to one month before the course. (20% saving)


Includes at certification 12 weeks FREE phone supervision 


The course is suitable for all abilities as it is new and ground breaking having been developed by one of the worlds leading thinkers and developers of EFT Dr Silvia Hartman.

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