Claustrophobia in relationships

JA came with an Issue – Claustrophobia in relationships -26/10/11
I used Energy Cone Technique
JA. I see birds feet black and yellow, I am in a tree, or very high up. There’s a baby bird and it is all grey. I can see other birds, I am in the air, it’s very grey
I am not a bird but from where I am I must be. I am in a nest I am a baby bird. I am going to be killed and I can’t fly away. I can’t look
Heather – Disconnect from being there and tell me what is happening as an onlooker
JA. The big bird put its foot down and ripped the baby bird apart
H. Go to a time just before death and know you are going to die, when you die go out and through the crown of your head.
JA. I am going up – I am going home – the panic feeling is still there
H. Intervention used, EFT Tapping for panic – it reduces
Intervention used, EmoTrance to remove remaining feeling of panic.
Intervention used, Dance like a bird with music ( Simply Red Something got me started)
Anchor feeling while dancing
Intervention used, Cup of tea MT with milk and sugar
JA. I feel Free

JA came back for another appointment 03/11/11, and the Issue had changed to – Being scared of commitment in relationships / I don’t like being tied to one place
Again I Used Energy Cone Technique
Fighting men in breast and back plate – in a battle – fighting over a women – it’s me
There was no need for all the bloodshed – was unnecessary.
I could have hidden – they were cruel to each other – I was not loved, I was just a thing, a performing seal.
That’s what I was something to perform and be paraded
I see a woman in a tower and she was on her own very high up and she made a promise, and the promise went out the power of it went across the land and she held it inside her like a block, dagger/. It went across space and it was so strong it went through time to me.

16 November 2011 – Overgrown yeast in my colon – using flower essences
Also hiding true feelings under façade of a smiling face
Taking on troubles of other people
I’ve been up and down, money issues, being weepy, strong and not strong

Q. what would be an ideal outcome? JA. Feeling comfortable to be myself in the presence of other people, instead of who they want me to be – Ability to speak up
Q. where do you feel that in your body?
JA. Stomach – Centre of chest – Constriction of throat – heaviness in shoulders
Q. which is the strongest sensation? The stomach it feels jaggedy like a corner
Using EmoTrance – JA. it is resistant and intolerant, it doesn’t want to be told what to do, it doesn’t want to change its really fighting, it wants to stay the same, it’s protective. It doesn’t want to do it. It’s not used to having attention because it doesn’t want to change. Its angry because of the attention on it, it will change. Its angry leave me alone. Feels who the fuck are you what are you doing here, really angry at me because it’s been alone for so long it doesn’t want to change just because I’ve decided to look at it. It got annoyed at me saying softening and flowing, it’s hiding it feels blank, it still feels blank. I don’t know where to put my attention. It doesn’t want to be told what to do, its angry it’s moving around, it feels angry. It’s protecting me, it’s afraid, it doesn’t need to be there it’s not protecting me from anything.
It feels like a space that needs cleaned. Q. How can you clean the space, JA. Fill it with light
Next we used, Ask and receive,
Q. if the sadness wasn’t there how would you feel? JA. Full of energy and light
After Ask and receive – it doesn’t feel complete
We discovered that the sadness happened during the first trimester.
Q. what was happening in the family around that time? My mum was wandering if she should stay with my dad and she was very very sad, driving around in her car she kept driving.
Intervention Used  Asked and receive again.
Result – JA was full of joy stating that there was no more sadness in her stomach which had been there for as long as she could remember.