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energy psychology

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This newly emergent field, Energy Psychology is revolutionising the way we deal with and make sense of psychological difficulties and traumas.

I love using energy psychology techniques as they access an inner awareness of the body. Most of us know that what is right for us is available to us if we tune into our bodies resources, whether that is instinct, intuition or extra sensory perception.

Based on the idea that those difficulties you hold mentally or emotionally you also hold physically, Energy Psychology deals with the disturbances in your body’s energy system (often felt physically) that go with the problem. Frequently difficulties of a lifetime dissolve in a matter of moments.

The majority of Energy Psychology techniques are very simple, sometimes counter-intuitive, but easy to learn, so that once experienced you can take them with you for future use.

Experiencing these techniques can be transformational, and while some issues may require more work than others, many are resolved in such a simple way that clients who may have worked for years on their problem using more traditional approaches are surprised at how quickly and simply their issue/s “disappears”.

These therapies can access trauma and release the various emotions, fears etc associated with that trauma, without years of psychological therapy or that memories be somehow repeatedly dragged up and then expunged from the unconscious.

Most of us believe things about ourselves, which are untrue, and these affect how we act and be in the world. The techniques I use can erase these beliefs thus changing how you act and be in this world.

“The cause of all negative emotions is as a disruption in the body’s energy system”
Gary Craig, Pioneer of EFT

These techniques can appear strange, as some require you to tap or hold certain points on your body, which appears to be nothing like psychology. Yet it really is because when we work with any of your problems, you begin to notice that your emotional reactions begin to subside to the extent that the emotions behind the problem disappear leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. In fact you feel pretty good about yourself!

Energy Psychology facilitates remarkable success in healing by releasing the underlying energy disturbances from our system, which in turn changes our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. There are currently no known side effects to energy-oriented treatments when properly administered by an experienced practitioner.

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