Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Techniques sometimes known as Tapping has been used for many years, giving relief to my clients for emotional and physical issues,  connected with stress, phobias, fears, anger, guilt, bearevement, trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, workplace issues and much more.

EFT has been succesfully applied to increase sports performance and improve relationships.


Emotional Freedom technique is a body-energy technique that has profound psychological effects in the exciting new field of Energy Psychology

EFT is a form of “psychological acupressure”, without the use of needles. The approach relieves your stress and symptoms as you tap on various body locations. Located mostly around the face and hands.  EFT Tapping balances energy meridians, that become disrupted when you think about or experience an emotionally disturbing event. Once balanced, the upset is usually resolved – the memory remains but the upsetting emotional charge is gone.

Typically, the result is lasting and is accompanied by an increased sense of wellbeing, and positivity.

The technique is easy to learn and ideal for you to use as a stress release self-help tool.

I have found that by using EFT, many problems can be resolved quickly and most general anxiety-based problems respond to the technique between 1 and 4 sessions.

Other problems may require persistence over several sessions.

You can also avail of my one day self-help workshops allowing you to learn how to de-stress and use EFT on yourself.

  Q. Could I benefit from Emotional Freedom Technique?

EFT can be helpful for many of the negative emotions related to a variety of conditions that you might be experiencing.

EFT does not require extensive verbal skills, emotional expressiveness or experience of psychotherapeutic processes. Since EFT works physiologically it can be useful for stress reduction, neurological issues as well as emotional conditions.

EFT is very safe, it either works or it doesn’t and it does not make conditions worse. The technique allows you to manage your own emotions and, with adequate training and practice, this can give you lasting freedom, autonomy and self-control. It appears to be effective 90% of the time. Sometimes the results are almost magical!

  Q. Will it last for me?

EFT seems to produce permanent effects for many conditions. If a condition returns, repeated EFT sessions will usually release the condition and treating all “aspects” of the problem stabilises the results.


EFT Consumer Guidance:

EFT provides impressive results for most people but there is no guarantee it will achieve your goals or be as painless as it is for others. It is recommended that you consult your GP regarding the use of Complementary therapies. These techniques are also used to de-stress and minimise pain, increase your energy levels, and overall wellbeing. These techniques are not a substitute for medical treatment.





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